A new range of organic juices

Saclà is excited to introduce a new range of organic fruit & vegetable juices in 9 delicious varieties!

Main Features

From the fields to the bottle...


Best, organic ingredients are harvested in season, when they are perfectly ripened. We prefer Italian ingredients.

100% Juice

Fruits and vegetables are not simply pressed but we want them to be like "centrifuged" and we use not only the liquid part, but also the pulp.

No preservatives or colourings

no nasty ingredients are used to prepare Saclà enjuice.it. They are naturally good for you.

No sugar added

Fruits and vegetable are sweet by nature. 

Juice from concentrate

It's juice that has had a portion of its water removed to facilitate shipping and storage. The same portion of water is reintroduced when the juice is bottled to bring it back to its original flavour and consistency.


We prefer glass bottles to better preserve the juices. And glass jars are good for the environment, infact they are recyclable and reusable.

The range

Fruits and vegetables are combined considering the taste and the health benefits. The juices are made carefully to preserve the texture of the ingredients, their flavour, fibers, vitamins and minerals.


Carrot & Apple

Apple, Orange & Carrot

Apple, Lettuce & Gherkins

Apple, Strawberry & Banana

Apple & Celery

Apple, Pumpkin & Carrot

Tomato & Vegetables

Red Grapefruit & Apple


Easy recipe ideas

Healthy and good, Saclà enjuice.it are 9 versatile and tasty juices.
They can be a perfect base to create original and unique recipe ideas in minutes.
Try them all!

Cocktails and drinks

Combine the SaclàEnjuice.it with fresh fruit juices or with a light sparkling wine and obtain refreshing drinks and delicious cocktails, full of vitamins.


Make your own popsicles straight from the juice or adding chunks of your favourite fruits and youghurt

Vinaigrettes and seasonings

Add some extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper to the juice lettuce, apple and gherkin for a perfect vinaigrette for your raw or boiled vegetables. Add ginger and lime to apple and carrot and use to dress your fresh fruit salad.

Fruit tiramisu

Use Saclà enjuice.it apple strawberry and banana to soak the biscuits of your tiramisu

Oven-baked vegetables

Cut in big chops potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and red onions. Put on a baking tin and drizzle with extra vergin oil. Season with salt, black peppers and rosmery. Let roast for 15 minutes then add half bottle of carrot juice. Continue baking for other 30 minuts until the juice is thouroughly absorbed

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